Technology Assessments

Most business owners are not technology experts. An inventory and evaluation of your existing technology solutions could be beneficial. Knowing what is currently available is also challenging since business owners are focused on running their business and not tracking developments in technology.

Businesses who perform regular technology assessments have:

  • Increased operational capabilities
  • The ability to develop strategic plans and forecasts, based on technology trends
  • Greater peace-of-mind that they have the right technology solutions in place
  • The ability to understand where they can most improve their business, using technology.

CloudXone uses a unique scorecard to help business owners assess their knowledge of and comfort with technology. We look at how the people in your business perform processes to achieve intended outcomes. Based on your vision, and the how your organization completes its mission, we then recommend opportunities for technological change.

CloudXone can help you decide if it is time to upgrade your equipment. We can help you discover what parts of your equipment and services are not compliant with best practices. These non-compliant areas can pose a security risk, or reduce productivity. A CloudXone assessment will help you discover the gaps in your technology, so you can protect your business and maximize efficiency.

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