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Posted by Jalal Bazari on November 14, 2023 at 3:17 PM
Jalal Bazari

In a recent twist of events, Moneris Solutions Corp., the backbone of Canada's retail IT infrastructure, faces a ransomware onslaught by the infamous Medusa group. The demand? A staggering $6 million for the removal of allegedly pilfered data, coupled with a menacing threat of public disclosure within eight days.

Unveiling the Scenario

Brett Callow, a vigilant threat researcher at Emsisoft, brought this incident to light on the X platform, sharing a snapshot from the gang's blog outlining their audacious demands. Responding promptly to queries from IT World Canada, Moneris, a collaborative effort between the Royal Bank and the Bank of Montreal, confirmed an external attempt to breach their system.

Darren Leroux, Moneris' Director of Communications, reassures stakeholders that the cybersecurity team's swift response successfully thwarted the attempt, preventing access to any critical data. A meticulous audit and analysis affirm that none of their stringent digital loss prevention policies were triggered.

Navigating Assurance Amidst Ambiguity

Moneris remains steadfast in reassuring its clientele that cybersecurity is of paramount importance. Their decisive actions guarantee that neither Moneris nor its customers bore the brunt of the attack. Despite the Medusa group's claims of possessing screenshots of purloined Moneris data, the company stands resolute in asserting that no "critical" data fell into the attacker's hands.

Decoding the Motive

Brett Callow speculates that Medusa's inclusion of Moneris as a victim might be a coercive tactic. This echoes past strategies where Medusa listed victims without substantiating the attack.

The Broader Canvas

Moneris serves as the technological backbone for over 325,000 retailers, tradespeople, and businesses across Canada, facilitating wired or wireless processing of credit and debit card transactions. Additionally, the company extends its services as an e-commerce solutions provider for retailers on the Wix platform, empowering them to accept digital wallet and eGift card payments.

Medusa's recent exploits also encompass the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation and the Minneapolis Public School System, underscoring the escalating threat landscape of ransomware attacks on organizations globally.

In Conclusion

Stay tuned for unfolding developments in this cybersecurity saga. Moneris remains unwavering in its commitment to safeguarding its customers and their data. In an era fraught with evolving cyber threats, vigilance and proactive cybersecurity measures are the cornerstones of resilience.

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